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Property Management

At Hometrust we always look to source good quality tenants, as such they can always expect prompt and pro-active action as soon as any problems arise. The unpredictability of such issues can leave even the most experienced landlord needing assistance. Hometrust can help with years of experience dealing with most types of issues as we are at hand to look after your property and tenants.

Peace of Mind

We will visit the property to carry out routine inspections on your behalf, and you will receive a full report featuring photographs, to ensure tenants are looking after the property, investigate and arrange for minor issues to be addressed, before small problems become big (and expensive) ones.

Why Should You Have a Managed Service with Hometrust?

  • Daily calls from your tenant
  • Evening and weekend emergencies
  • Interrupted family holidays
  • Unreliable and unknown contractors
  • Disgruntled neighbours
  • Lengthy and time-consuming email contact
  • Unsure of where to draw the line with requests
  • Difficult deposit negotiations

If you’re considering a professional management service for your property and would like to speak to a member of our team about the service, please call us on 01392 493 113.

Trusted Contractors

No tenant wants to take the morning off to wait around for a contractor. And if they won’t, you’ll have to. They won’t commit to a specific time and don’t have a key, so you’re back to relying on your tenant, or you, taking time off to wait for them.

When we manage a property, we will liaise with your tenants and arrange for our carefully vetted tradespeople to collect keys from our office and carry out the work to the highest standard, before returning the keys back to our office the same day.

Knowledge of Legislations and Laws

The government is constantly updating and introducing regulations that affect Landlords. Keeping compliant can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and costly if a regulation is missed. It’s a property manager’s business to stay in the know, so you can relax with the peace of mind that your property is well looked after and compliant.

Increased tenant retention - Hometrust are experts at keeping tenants happy by being responsive, available, and taking care of problems as they arise. These tenants are more likely to renew tenancies, meaning fewer void periods and no new tenancy costs.

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